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2023 | 14. June

JEFF in the 10-Year Anniversary Joy: «We're now a hotel.»

The Zurich creative agency JEFF opened Hotel JEFF on Limmatquai in Zurich for its ten-year anniversary. The Träum-wiiter Party also thrilled employees, clients, and partners.

The creative agency JEFF, once affectionately called «the kids from the Bullerbüro» by the NZZ, celebrates a decade full of exciting events, hard work, and extraordinary experiences. In addition to spin-offs like the «Man’s World» fair and the digital creative studio «Staay Interactive», over the last ten years, JEFF also created the world's smallest IKEA store, initiated the thrilling Mercedes-Benz Urban Hunt, and dreamed up a cable car over Lake Zurich for ZKB.

The fact that JEFF continues to dream even after ten years is demonstrated by its own Hotel JEFF on Zurich's Limmatquai. In this experience resort, invited guests could participate in various activities like Midjourney prompting, RGB & Panettone, Out-of-the-Brain-Storming, or Skyline Yoga for a week. These 14 so-called room hours were fully booked, with 154 people from 34 different companies participating. «I spontaneously took a vacation and checked into Hotel JEFF for the whole week,» enthused a customer. Others said, "You come out of this hotel totally inspired.» and «The coolest hotel in the city of Zurich, I will miss it.» Clients also used Hotel JEFF for internal and external meetings or took a power nap in one of the artistically designed.

The exciting anniversary week concluded with the Träum-wiiter Party on Saturday, featuring beats, drinks, and more experiences. Around 500 invited guests visited the agency at its main location in Zurich Binz. They danced to live DJ sets and open-air concerts, drank the «Drink of Dreams», or were escorted by experience rooms into the world of dreams.

«I will forever dream of this legendary party.»

«I will forever dream of this legendary party.»

a visitor

The JEFF anniversary continues: Following the already released anniversary song by Pitch Werber feat. JEFF, there will be a social content series in July that humorously exaggerates the everyday challenges at JEFF. And for the employees themselves, a surprise weekend is planned in September to an unknown location.

Even after 10 years, JEFF hasn't stopped dreaming. The anniversary year once again shows that the communications agency from Zurich Binz takes the liberty to do what excites people and what they themselves like.

The aftermovie revives JEFF's anniversary week and immerses one into Hotel JEFF and the anniversary party.


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