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2023 | 24. October

JEFF rolls in pink against breast cancer

As part of this year's Breast Cancer Campaign, JEFF has launched the unique rollerblade event "Roll for Pink» for the first time for Estée Lauder Companies. «Roll for Pink» combines eventful roller skating with education, fundraising, and community engagement.

To generate awareness about breast cancer and its prevention, we illuminated the Landesmuseum in Zurich in pink on behalf of Estée Lauder and the Breast Cancer Campaign. The goal was to create moments suitable for social media posts through an activation, attract new interest groups, raise donations for a good cause, and highlight the 30th anniversary of the campaign.

In the courtyard of the National Museum, we built a 21 x 33m roller skating rink in the shape of the pink ribbon, symbolizing the fight against breast cancer. Both the public and VIPs could skate on it for three days, with the proceeds from skate rentals donated to the Breast Cancer Campaign. The invited VIPs and influencers, who reach large and diverse communities with their influence and presence on Instagram, supported us in our effort to inform as many people as possible about the action and to spread information about breast cancer.

Around the roller skating rink, there were stands where visitors could receive information about breast cancer. There were also two volunteers from the «Look good feel better» foundation, who support those affected during their illness and provided interested individuals with helpful self-diagnosis tips.

The event was supported by a small OOH-campaign on the APG screens at Zurich's main train station. At the VIP event, the ribbon was unveiled by the General Manager of Estée Lauder Switzerland in front of 250 invited VIPs, followed by a speech from a WHO representative in the courtyard of the Landesmuseum, before a flying dinner was served at the «Spitz» restaurant.

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