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2024 | 16. January

The wishes of the population illuminate Zurich's city center

At the turn of the year, the New Year's wishes of Zurich's population were projected onto six monumental buildings in the Old Town, transforming Zurich into a radiant total work of art. The project was commissioned by Zurich Tourism and the Silvesterzauber Association and was conceived and implemented by the creative agency JEFF.

On New Year's Eve and the first two evenings of the new year, Zurich's Opera House, the City Hall, Fraumünster, Grossmünster, Stadthausquai 1, and the tower of St. Peter's shone brightly with colorful and diverse artworks, amazing both the population and visitors of the city.

Already in November, the population could submit their wishes for the new year on liechtträum.ch. Several hundred people participated. The most frequently mentioned wishes were for a car-free Zurich, gratitude, cohesion, world peace, acceptance, and more climate protection.



St. Peter

Stadthausquai 1


In December, these dreams were interpreted by various local artists and visually designed in a myriad of ways. Among others, Zurich artist Oibel1 was involved in the project and was able to project his interpretation of the wish for more cohesion onto Grossmünster.

The result was impressive and very diverse visual worlds that could be discovered on a tour through the city center around the turn of the year. More than 100'000 people were out and about in the city on New Year's Eve and the days that followed, sharing numerous impressions of the illuminated buildings on social media. By addressing socially relevant topics and involving the population, an exciting story was told and the year 2024 was duly welcomed.

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