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The ARTour Basel is a journey between the digital and real world, making art experienceable in new and innovative ways. The exhibition features ten augmented reality pieces of art that can be discovered in the center of Basel through a free app.

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A playground for «Migros Kids» young and old

With its new festival display, Migros is focusing on co-creation and letting visitors do their bit to design this year’s festival stand, made from natural wood. In line with this approach, Migros kids can project their own slogans on the stand or operate the light show by moving their bodies.

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Mercedes-Benz Switzerland

Electric Match

Electric Match facilitates personalized and authentic test drives. Prospective customers could now choose from the 7 different Mercedes-EQ models and select the perfect combination from among over 70 ambassadors for their test drive, thereby gaining exciting personal insights, tips, and tricks about electric driving.

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